Welcome to the EYA portal

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As part of the Alliance’s commitment to our members, customers and supporters we have introduced a new portal for anyone interested in our services. 

To ensure that you continue to receive access to a range of high-quality support from us, we are inviting all Alliance members and Shop customers to pre-register on the new portal.

This will eventually replace your previous Alliance web account and once pre-registered, you will need to login to the EYA portal here.

Once you've registered for free, the EYA portal will be the place where you'll come to:

  • buy and renew Alliance membership
  • browse and buy from our online Shop
  • manage and update your communications preferences.

Below is some key information to help you get started.

Important notice

For our members

If you are a member of the Alliance you MUST complete a pre-registration process.

You will receive your pre-registration notification separately by email, which will contain a unique pre-registration link. Please do not register directly on the new portal if you are currently a member of the Alliance.

If you haven’t received our recent invitation to pre-register over the past week, don’t worry. We are gradually making contact with everyone over the coming weeks, so please do watch out for your special notification with an individual pre-registration link.

Whilst we are in the process of switching over to the new portal, some customers may experience a delay in accessing their downloads. If you are unable to access your downloads and require access, please contact our Shop team who will be happy to assist here: shop@eyalliance.org.uk

For our Shop customers

Shop customers will also be invited to pre-register via email, however due to a technical error there may be a delay in receiving this link. We are working at resolving this issue as quickly as possible.

If you had ordered a publication from our previous Shop site, and are unable to access any associated downloads and would like access as soon as possible, please contact our Shop team who will be happy to assist here shop@eyalliance.org.uk

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How to register on the EYA portal

If you are coming to the Alliance for the very first time and have not ever registered on our system, it is not necessary to pre-register. You just visit the portal and register straight away.

You can do this by visiting the portal at https://portal.eyalliance.org.uk/ and clicking on the Register button in the top right corner.

When you register, you should register as yourself with your name and personal address - not your business address.

There will be an opportunity later to Add Your Organisation where you will then add your early years business/organisation, if applicable to you.

Primary contacts

The person who registers on the portal and first adds an organisation into the system, will become the Primary Contact for that organisation.

The Primary Contact then holds the main administration rights for that organisation and only the Primary Contact will be able to buy membership online, purchase insurance and approve staff member accounts that are linked to the organisation.

So if you are a nursery owner or manager for example - i.e the person in charge of managing the business - you should register first on the portal and add your organisation in order to automatically become the organisation's Primary Contact.

Adding an organisation

If you want to buy membership or insurance with us, you will need to add your organisation and then link your personal account to it.

Then, when your staff members have registered on the portal, they should look up your organisation and link themselves to it.

You, as the Primary Contact, will then need to approve their request to link to the organisation. 

Once your staff members are registered on the portal and linked to your organisation they will be able to benefit automatically from membership discounts on publications, events and workshops — providing your organisation is a member of the Alliance of course!


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