Tackling childhood obesity through play


This blog has been supplied as part of a paid partnership with Micro Scooters

Childhood obesity is on the rise. 

In May this year, the Government called for help to halve childhood obesity over the next 10 years. 

With 10 per cent of boys and nine per cent of girls starting primary school obese, pressure is mounting on parents and pre-schools to address this trend.

In response, Micro Scooters has launched Play for Life — an online resource for adults caring for pre-school children that explores the foundations of toddlers’ physical development and explains why for under-fives, exercise should be less about minutes and more about movement challenges. 

“Micro revolutionised the school run. Now we want to change the way we think about toddler development, " said Ben Parkhouse, Deputy Managing Director of Micro Scooters. 

Making the minutes count

"The Government has set a target of 180 minutes physical exercise per day with a child under 5. It’s a tall ask and daunting for many parents and those looking after children.

"Our Play for Life campaign gives practical advice on how to make those minutes count, and how to get children moving to give them the best opportunity to grow and develop into healthy and active individuals," added Parkhouse.

Play for Life emphasises that children who develop confidence in their physical ability at a very young age, grow into more confident individuals with a lower BMI and a positive relationship with exercise. 

Developed with Brytespark, a team of experts in biomechanics, child development, fitness and physiotherapy, Play for Life aims to simplify the science behind these formative years and provides guidance on how to support a child in building a positive relationship with movement that will last a lifetime.

Moving to build a foundation for life

The Play for Life research looks at early years of gross motor development, from around 12 months to 7 years, and establishing movements that will become a person’s bedrock for life.

"Throughout our lives, we constantly return back to these fundamental patterns while we hone new skills. If we secure these movements with confidence, we create a foundation for a positive relationship with our bodies. During this period of development, a broad array of movement activities, in a supportive environment is highly beneficial. This will give the child the very best chance of establishing a confidence and openness to try new things and a higher level of skill should they choose to pursue sport as they grow," it says.

But as children progress "it’s important not to bracket children’s development by age alone, but rather a readiness to move on. Don’t rush a child through the stage or expect too much, too quickly. Creating a steady confidence in ability is more important than reaching milestones early".

Further information

Play for Life offers caregivers informative videos and ideas for active games and activities that can be downloaded and printed off.

Read more about Play for Life and help children to achieve their milestones with confidence.

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This blog has been supplied as part of a paid partnership with Micro Scooters