Welcome to Sunshine Corner

Sunshine Corner is an Early Years Alliance childcare service located in Kent, Canterbury.

The Early Years Alliance is the largest voluntary sector provider of childcare in England with over 50 years’ experience delivering childcare and practical, professional support to early years practitioners.

Our committed, friendly and well-qualified nursery team provides high quality care and learning opportunities for children aged between 0-5 years old. 

We use in the moment planning in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) with a strong focus on learning through play and actively encourage parents to become involved in the life of the nursery.

Children are supported by caring staff in a safe, friendly and fun environment to stimulate their interests and develop a wide range of skills. Every child within our care is supported by a keyperson who understands their individual needs and    offers care and support tailored to them to support their learning.

Health and safety policies and procedures are in place to ensure every child is protected, happy and safe within our care.

Places and opening times

We offer 56 Ofsted-registered places and are assessed as 'Good' by Ofsted.

We currently have childcare places available. We are open from 7.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday, 51 weeks of the year, excluding bank holidays and three staff training days. 






Term Time Calendar                                                                 


Autumn Term

7th September - 18th December 

Spring Term

4th January – 26th March                                       

Summer Term

12th April -  19th July

Staff training days 

Wednesday 28th October

Thursday 1st April

Tuesday 31st August

We are closed for bank holidays.

We offer 

  • Funded childcare for qualifying two year olds and all three and four year old
  • Safe, friendly and fun place for you and your child
  • Learning through indoor and outdoor play activities
  • A well-qualified, kind and caring team
  • A dedicated person to give focused support to your child

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To visit please contact Hayley, Nursery Manager on 01304842223 or by email on sunshinecorner@eyalliance.org.uk

Alternatively you can complete our enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Family Corner website for parents

About us

What we offer   

Sunshine Corner offers a stimulating approach to early years development and learning for very young children. Within a safe, friendly and fun environment. Children are supported by qualified, caring staff in developing a wide range of skills and interests. The children enjoy learning through play experiences in a free flowing bright indoor and outdoor play areas with exciting outings planned regularly. We are managed by the Early Years Alliance, the largest voluntary sector provider of childcare in England with over 50 years experience delivering childcare and practical, professional support to early years practitioners.

Our nursery plans its activities in accordance with the EYFS with a strong focus on exploratory, imaginative play and healthy eating. We recognise and understand the huge benefits that free flow play has on the positive development of very young children.                         

Every child in our care is supported by a key person who understands their individual needs and offers special care and support to them. 

Rigorous health & safety and safeguarding policies and procedures are in place to ensure that every child is protected and feels safe and happy with us.         


What we've been up too!

During November the children have been exploring different festivities, Diwali, Thanks Giving and nursery rhymes.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Impact on children's learning

•             Learning about Diwali the festival of light and what it means.

•             Learning about thanks giving and what we are thankful for, also developing our fine motor skills to fold paper and make a turkey.

•             Learning nursery rhymes using props 'Miss Polly had a dolly''

The children are still extending their learning by making lanterns, exploring crafts and other nursery rhymes becoming very independent with their singing.

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To visit please contact Hayley, Nursery Manager on 01304842223 or by email on sunshinecorner@eyalliance.org.uk

Alternatively you can complete our enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Our Team

Our team

Our well qualified, committed and experienced team work hard to create a caring and learning environment in the nursery. We know that every child develops differently and at different times. Every child has a key person who understands their individual needs and interests. This helps us to ensure that every child feels involved, stimulated and happy in our care.

We follow rigorous staff recruitment, selection and supervision procedures to ensure that anyone joining our team undertakes relevant security checks including Disclosure and Barring Service, references and qualification checks. Parents are reassured knowing that child protection and safeguarding underpins every aspect of our practice and will continue to remain a priority for us.

Your child's 'key person'

Every child who joins the nursery receives support from an experienced member of the team.

They are responsible for your child’s individual needs and known as the ‘key person’. 

The key person is your main point of contact however all nursery staff are happy to feedback on your child’s developmental progress on a daily basis or discuss any concerns with you.

They will also keep records of your child’s progress and achievement, which are always available for you to see and contribute towards.

Your child’s key person will make time to find out from you about your child’s interests, likes, dislikes and special requirements. Please share any important or useful information when you register your child and throughout their time with us. This helps us to give your child the most appropriate care and learning to suit their developmental, emotional and physical needs. You can access and contribute your views to your child's progress and achievements in their records.

All staff have many years of experience from 1-25yrs, our team are fully trained in early years ranging from early years level 2 qualification to level 4 and pediatric first aid.


Our Team at Sunshine Corner Nursery


Nursery Manager

Hayley Nash

 NVQ Level 4 Childrens Care Learning Development

CMQS Level 4 Certificate in managing quality standards

Btec National Diploma in Childhood studies 

Designated Safeguard Lead

Deputy Manager/Senco

Sally Heathcote

  Btec National Diploma in Childhood studies Level 3

Early Years Senco Trained

Fire Safety Qualified

Designated Safeguard Lead

Senior Workers

 Tracy -  Level 3

 Donna - NVQ 4 in Childhood Studies

Georgina - Level 3

Nursery Workers

 Maria - Level 3

 Karen - Level 3

 Toni - Level 3

Danielle - Level 3

 Laura - Level 3

Kerry Stacey

Level 3


Nursery Assistants

 Emily - Level 3

Jessica - Diploma in Mottessori Pedagogy Level 4.

Olivia - Lunch time cover

   Chanelle- level 3




Nursery Cook

 Nicola - NVQ 2 Hospitality and catering, Food safety for catering Level 2

Flexible Workers

Caitlan - Level 3 Health and Social Care

Jessica - CACHE Level 3

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To visit please contact Hayley, Nursery Manager on 01304842223 or by email on sunshinecorner@eyalliance.org.uk

Alternatively you can complete our enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Children are eligible for the funding in the term following their third birthday. The funding is available for 15 hours per week. Some children maybe eligible for 30hrs if parents meet the criteria

Do you have any childcare places available at the moment?

Yes we do, please contact the nursery to arrange a visit and to collect an application form.

Do you offer funded entitlement for three year olds?

Do you offer funded entitlement for two year olds?

If your child is two years old, your child may be eligible to attend the two year old funded childcare programme. The funding is available for 15 hours per week. Please ask us.

What sessions do you offer?

Sunshine Corner opens five days a week all year round.

Sessions are from

8.45am -11.45am

12.15pm -  3.15pm

 8.45p - 3.15pm.

Children can attend all day from 7.30pm - 5.30pm.

Do you provide hot meals?

At Sunshine Corner we have a nursery cook that provides fresh healthy meals for us daily.

Are you able to accommodate children with different dietary requirements?

Yes, all staff are trained in allergy awareness and our cook caters for a variety of needs.

What qualifications do your staff have?

The nursery manager is trained to level 4 in childcare , we have a senior trained to level 4 in childcare. The setting workers are trained to level 3 in childcare and we have two nursery assistants. Our Senco is also fully trained.

How many staff will be looking after my child? 

We have a total of 13 staff and 5 flexible workers who care for the children and one nursery cook, cleaner and a nursery administrator. Plus a Manager and Deputy Manager.

How quickly can my child start?

Once your child has been offered a space we have a settling in process for all children joining the setting this usually takes around 1-2 weeks depending on each individual child.

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To visit please contact Hayley, Nursery Manager on 01304842223 or by email on sunshinecorner@eyalliance.org.uk

Alternatively you can complete our enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Contact Us

Hayley Nash

Nursery Manager

Sunshine Corner

Atlee Avenue,





T:  01304842223

E: sunshinecorner@eyalliance.org.uk


Alternatively you can complete our enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Sunshine Corner Nursery
Attlee Avenue
United Kingdom
Tel: 01304 842223

''Our son moved to this nursery when we moved to the village and he absolutely loves it. It is such a lovely nursery. He has now been there over a year and will be there until he starts school next year. We have noticed a huge improvement in his speech and he surprises us every day with his knowledge and learning. We are very happy with this nursery and the lovely staff.'' (Child aged 3 November 2020)

''I was dubious to choose a nursery after moving to the area in September, I wasn’t able to look around due to the virus measures. On the first day, my daughter waltzed straight in and then was thrilled to come home and tell me about her day. She is nothing but happy when going to nursery, the staff are amazing, and my child has a great bond with her key worker. If we see any of the staff in public, my child grins and giggles and proudly tells me they are from the nursery. She is coming on leaps and bounds. Highly recommend! Excellent communication too, peace of mind knowing exactly what my child eats and when she goes to the toilet etc. So much better than my child’s previous nursery.'' ( Child aged 2 Novemebr 2020)

''All 3 of my children have attended Sunshine Corner and what an amazing nursery it is! All the staff are lovely and caring and have gone above and beyond for my children and their needs. They put the children first in every aspect. It truly has been a pleasure to send my children to this nursery.'' (Child aged 3 Novemebr 2020)

 ''My daughter joined Sunshine Corner Nursery in September 2020 when we moved into the area. My daughter had attended another nursery setting since she was 9-months-old, so we were all very nervous about moving her, however, I cannot fault this nursery, and I am so pleased we made the decision to change. All of the staff are so friendly, kind and warm not only towards my little girl, but also myself and my husband as her parents. My husband and I are included in all of our daughter's care, and nothing is too much of an ask. My daughter has settled incredibly well, and I have watched her confidence and independence grow rapidly since she has joined. My daughters face lights up when she talks about the nursery, and she always tells me how kind the staff are. Since my daughter joined in September, I have been kept up to date with the progress she has made, and the communication with the nursery is fantastic. Amazing nursery.'' (Child aged 3 Novemebr 2020)

''My daughter has really blossomed since she started attending the nursery as a baby, she is now 3 yrs old and her vocabulary has really improved and she really enjoys her time at nursery. Also, the staff and manager are so lovely and friendly, always ready to listen and very approachable. Will highly recommend the nursery to friends and colleagues.'' (child aged 3 November 2020)

''My son has health difficulties which are rare. I never feel worried or anxious when I drop him off. They take such good care of him. They are supportive and engaging. I honestly could not recommend this nursery enough. The staff are worth their weight in gold!"  (Child aged 2 November 2020)

"I can’t speak highly enough of this nursery. All three of my children have attended and the standard has remained excellent throughout. The nursery is always clean, the staff have a low turnover and are always frozen and knowledgeable. The quality of the food is excellent. I love the app as it means even when I’m at work, I can be kept up to date with what the kids are up to, whether they’ve had a nap and what and how much they’ve eaten. I’ve never worried about leaving my children there and cannot fault the nursery. Highly recommended." ( child aged 3 years and 1 year - 2020)

"My first child started Sunshine Corner nursery six years ago and since then both of her siblings have also attended the nursery. It's lovely that so many members of staff are still working here, a familiar face is always nice. All my children settled well and have had really positive experiences at Sunshine Corner. The room is always bright and full of colour with the children's artwork or crafts, there is a huge range of ever-changing activities for the children. Both of the eldest children had a brilliant transition from nursery to primary school, with their key workers making sure their needs were met with things they needed to know before school. Staff were always helpful and efficient when it came to potty training and carrying on what we would be doing at home. The staff at Sunshine Corner have always got a smile on their face and are easy to approach with anything we need to share about our child. There is also a great level of communication between the nursery and parents." 9 Child aged 2 years - 2020)

"The staff are amazing.
The nursery it's the cleanest I've seen (there was many to check), also the food its high level.
Just an amazing journey for my little one!" (child aged 3 years - 2020)

"Sunshine Corner Nursery is a wonderful place. My son has come on leaps and bounds and thoroughly enjoys his time there. I feel confident that he is safe and well looked after and that he’s also learning and having fun." (child aged 2 years - 2020)

"My son has been going to Sunshine Corner Nursery for almost two months now, in the baby room and he loves it. He settled straight away and loves exploring and playing. There are so many different things for him to do. All the staff are so friendly and incredibly helpful. Very lucky to have this nursery on my doorstep." Child aged 1 years - 2020)

"My daughter has been going to Sunshine Corner Nursery for nearly a year, and she absolutely loves it. The staff are so warm and welcoming. She always says how much fun she's had. They do a wide range of activities with her, and she's always coming home and telling me what new things she's done and learnt. I always recommend this nursery when speaking to new parents. Fantastic nursery." (child aged 3 years- 2020)

"All staff at Sunshine Corner Nursery are fantastic, I have my baby in the 0-2 area, and she absolutely loves going. I never have any worries or concerns when she is there. She has a severe dairy allergy, and they are amazing with taking extra care to keep her from having any reactions.
They keep to any routines your babies have even helped my little girl to self-settle, in the cot, which has helped me massively.
Thank-you to you all." ( child aged 1 year - 2020)