Play Cards for the Childcare Environment and Play Cards for the Home Environment (2016)


'What a wonderful resource these cards make. There are times when we need to be immersed in information, when we need to put in the hard yards of understanding theories and relating policy to practice, but there are also times then we simply need to light a candle, to lend a hand, or to spark an idea, that this is exactly what these two sets of glossy cards do. 

Each one is dedicated to a particular type of play, with links to songs or stories, brief explanations, and extension ideas. These are very much starting points, entry points, ideas to ignite children's own imaginations and journeys. 

As such, the cards for the childcare environment are useful resources, reminders or hints that will allow children to run with ideas and to extend them in ways we have never dreamed. But it is the home cards that could well be the most valuable. 

They are filled with engaging, simple, easy-to-resource ideas that parents can use to support and build on their child's learning, helping the child to develop their own ideas, providing a way in for parents to see just how learning takes place and where it can go. 

This can then be fed back to the setting or key person, aiding the cycle of home/setting partnership, encouraging parents to get further involved in their child's learning. 

Sometimes it is an idea that seems simple enough that can make the biggest difference.'

Early Years Educator, October 2016

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Play Cards for the Childcare Environment 

Play Cards for the Home Environment