Effective Leadership for High Quality Early Years Practice (2016) 


‘This informative book is essential reading for early years educators who are aspiring to become leaders, making a journey towards leadership or wish to lead an area of practice within their workplace. It is helpful for those developing their provision in readiness for regulatory inspection as it makes clear links between quality provision and leadership. As the author tells us, it is not designed as a manual but to enable self- evaluation and give helpful guidance about how to develop as an early years leader whatever the context and situation.

The book comprises three chapters; each uses a framework of current thinking, research, guidance and policy to set the scene for examining the qualities and characteristics of effective leadership, approaches to leadership and how these might work in practice. It provides a wealth of practical examples, case studies, exercises and reflective questions to illustrate the points made and engage the reader in developing their own leadership style.

Overall, this book will illuminate the qualities and value base of an effective leader and how this can make a difference to children’s learning.’

Rosie Walker, Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Children and Families, Institute of Education, University of Worcester


'This informative and thought provoking book provides opportunities for all Early Years practitioners to evaluate and reflect on their leadership practice regardless of their roles within individual settings.

Split into three distinct yet inter-related areas, this book is not intended as a manual to teach technical expertise. Instead, the professional and personal characteristics, approaches and realities of leadership are examined in relation to the ethos and core values of early years practice. Key principles are explored through informed discussion, case studies and reflective exercises, provoking and engaging the reader to examine their own understanding and approaches to leadership both individually and within a collaborative team. Throughout, the vital link between engaged, reflective practice informing and promoting effective leadership and, consequently, improvement of provision quality is highlighted. This book, therefore, is an essential tool to support practical, reflective leadership within the sector.'

Gaynor Corrick, Early Years Teacher and Manager, Herefordshire


What a useful book! It is laid out very logically, with much of the information tabulated so that it is easy to read and concise. Case studies help to illustrate principles in practice.

The chapter about distributed leadership is particularly insightful, challenging outdated models of leaders instructing followers and instead emphasising the benefits of communicating effectively to develop a strong team, with everyone sharing responsibility and being empowered to make decisions.

There are practical examples of how the staff team can reflect together and these are linked to the Ofsted SEF guidance. Suggestions are given of how to engage staff in discussing ideas for change and improvement, whilst maintaining a supportive and collaborative environment.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone working in Early Years as it will provide a great tool for developing effective leadership.

Ducklings Day Nursery, West Midlands