Parents let down by minister’s nursery schools funding announcement

Neil Leitch, chief executive of the Early Years Alliance, said:

"It beggars belief that the government has seen fit to completely ignore the challenge facing the PVI sector.

"While today’s announcement will understandably be welcomed by Maintained Nursery Schools, it does nothing to address the wider funding crisis engulfing the early years sector. This is at best a stop-gap measure which will safeguard the short-term future of a tiny proportion of childcare provision used by only a few thousand parents. No one wants to see these nursery schools close unnecessarily but the fact is that we are already seeing – and will continue to see – thousands of childminders, pre-schools and nurseries close for a lack of funding. 

"Wrapped up in today’s promise of more funding for nursery schools is a tacit admission from the government that there is simply not enough money in the system. Sadly, the time for admitting there is a problem has long passed: the government must act now to increase funding across the whole sector. Doing nothing – or grabbing a hundred per cent of the headlines while helping a tiny percentage of the providers - is not fair on those struggling to stay open and lets down the overwhelming majority of parents who access their childcare in high quality PVI settings across the country."



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