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Prime Minister Boris Johnson to step down

By Shannon Pite

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is to step down as Prime Minister, the BBC has reported. 

The news comes after a series of ministerial resignations over recent days, including former children and families minister Will Quince as well as newly-appointed education secretary Michelle Donelan, who quit after just a day in post, leaving the Department for Education with no elected ministers.

Commenting, Neil Leitch, chief executive of the Early Years Alliance, said:

“It is clear that the exit of Boris Johnson throws many proposed early years changes into disarray. This is especially true for the current ratios proposals, given these changes were reportedly prompted by the Prime Minister himself.    

“Whoever is appointed as the next Prime Minister, we hope against hope that they will lead the way in prioritising and valuing the early years sector and put forward a long-term plan for the early years that includes realistic long-term funding, focuses on the needs of the child and recognises the early years workforce as the high-quality and hardworking educators they are.   

“For far too long, the early years has fallen further and further down the government’s priority list. Only by recognising the importance of the sector can the next Prime Minister ensure that we have an effective early education and care system that can not only survive, but thrive in the years to come.”