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EYFS disapplications due to end on 31 August

By Rachel Lawlerwoman in face mask covid 19 nurseries childminders restrictions rules disapplications

The Department for Education (DfE) has confirmed that the EYFS disapplications, brought in during the Covid-19 pandemic, will end on 31 August.

The DfE also clarified that the changes could come to an end sooner if restrictions are lifted before 31 August 2021.

Recruitment crisis
While the DfE acknowledged ongoing issues recruiting level 3 qualified staff, it stated that the disapplications could not be used to help mitigate these concerns as “they were not intended or designed to be used in this way”.

However, it said that it was working with the sector to “fully understand the scale of the challenge” in the coming months.

The DfE also noted that the EYFS has existing flexibilities on staffing ratios in “exceptional circumstances” and clarified that it considers Covid-19 to be a exceptional, temporary circumstance which allowed for ratios to be changed “if necessary”.

Ofsted update
Ofsted has also shared an updated early years inspection handbook for inspections taking place from 1 September. The updates include: 

  • changes on the EYFS disapplications
  • changes to reflect the EYFS reforms, due to come into place in September
  • a new section dispelling myths that result in unnecessary workload for providers
  • changes to grade descriptors

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