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EPI calls for £13.5bn education support package

By Rachel Lawlerchildren playing EPI education recovery proposals

The Education Policy Institute (EPI) has called for £13.5 billion in new educational funding to support a range of measures aimed at reducing the impact of the pandemic on children.

The EPI said that an “ambitious, multi-year programme of support” is needed to reverse “months of lost learning”.

The report, Education recovery and resilience in England, sets out a range of proposals including:

  • an increase to the Early Years Pupil Premium, taking it to the same rates as given to primary school children,
  • a pilot study of 200 early years settings in disadvantaged areas, funded at a higher rate than under the current scheme for at least three years

Measures aimed at other parts of the education sector include summer wellbeing programmes, further mental health support in schools and the option for children to retake a year.

The EPI added: "The retention of these policies should also be met with further investment beyond schools – in wider children’s services and mental health services; supported by an urgent child poverty strategy."