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Note for members contacting Law-Call helpline

The Alliance's Law-Call service for members is currently experiencing an unprecedented volume of calls due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The service said:

"We appreciate the uncertainty and difficulty all settings are finding themselves in due to this situation.

Please be aware that even if a setting manager (or other employee) has been authorised to take advice from Law-Call, the helpline staff cannot advise employees on matters that concern their own employment, so please ensure the person calling for the advice is entitled to it before they call, as this will alleviate some of the duplicated calls from settings, and get everyone the advice they need more quickly.

Every call is important to us. If you are asked to leave a voicemail, please clearly state your name, membership number and telephone number.

Please be assured that if you have had to leave a message with the support team or on voicemail, we will pick it up and endeavour to get back to you as soon as we possibly can, however call back times are likely to be up to 4-8 hours at the moment."

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