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Tracy Brabin leaves early years role

By Rachel LawlerTracy Brabin shadow early years

Tracy Brabin has left her role as shadow early years minister after being promoted into the shadow cabinet.

Brabin has been selected to take on the role of shadow culture secretary, a role previously held by the Labour Party’s deputy leader Tom Watson.

The promotion comes as outgoing Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn reshuffles the shadow cabinet ahead of his departure later this year.

Brabin was given the front-bench role of shadow early years minister in July 2017, shortly after the position was vacated by Tulip Siddiq who resigned from Labour’s front bench in early 2017.

Brabin tweeted: “I loved my time as shadow early years minister and learnt so much.”

Neil Leitch, chief executive of the Alliance, commented: “We warmly congratulate Tracy Brabin on her new role as shadow culture secretary, though we are sorry to see her leave her post as shadow early years minister.

"Over the past few years, Ms Brabin has proactively engaged with the sector and consistently sought to highlight provider concerns over funding and other key issues, and we hope that her replacement will look to do the same.

"At such a critical time for the early years sector, it is important that there is a strong and effective shadow minister in place to hold government to account. As such, we hope that the Labour party will confirm her replacement without delay."