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Duchess of Cambridge launches early childhood survey

By Rachel LawlerCatherine Duchess of Cambridge early years

The Duchess of Cambridge has launched a survey on early childhood in a bid to “build the healthiest generation in history”.

The “5 Big Questions” survey asks adults aged 16 living in the UK to share their thoughts on five early childhood topics. The survey says: “There are no right or wrong answers, we want to hear what you think.”

Neil Leitch, chief executive of the Alliance, commented: “We know that the first five years of a child’s life are absolutely pivotal to their long-term learning and development, and so it is fantastic to see the Duchess of Cambridge highlighting the importance of early childhood.

"At a time when the needs of the child is so often overlooked when it comes to government policy, we warmly welcome the fact that ‘Five Big Questions’ focuses on how best to ensure all children, regardless of background, are able to grow up happy and healthy.

“With so much debate currently taking place about how best to support children in their earliest years, we hope that the Duchess’s efforts to start a national conversation will prove a success.”  

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