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RoSPA asks practitioners to help prevent accidents

children playing near waterBy Rachel Lawler
Childcare practitioners are being asked to help prevent accidents at home, as part of a new nationwide strategy from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).
RoSPA said that under fives are one of the age groups most vulnerable to accidents, especially in the home and that they are over-represented in injury statistics.
Accidents in the home
RoSPA’s priorities in preventing accidents in the home included threats to breathing, falls, poisoning, drowning and burns/scalds.
It suggests that early years practitioners are well-placed to support parents and carers in making their homes safer, by referral to home safety assessments and equipment schemes.
Youngest children
Between 2013-2016, the top cause of deaths from accidents for children under four-years-old was threats to breathing – such as choking, suffocation or strangulation.
Errol Taylor, chief executive at RoSPA, said: “Serious accidental injury to children is a significant health issue that often gets overlooked as a public health issue – in England each year, an average of 132 children aged 0-14 die and more than 100,000 are admitted to hospital – but this doesn’t have to happen.
“For under fives, the home is the key area of concern from an accidental point of view, and it is that there is support and training for practitioners working with young families.”
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