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Pre-school Learning Alliance reveals future plans

By Rachel Lawler
Neil Leitch Early Years Learning Alliance
The Alliance has announced that it is planning to change its name, as part of a wider series of changes to its membership offering.
In early 2019, the organisation will change its name to the Early Years Alliance.

The name change comes after member feedback and will coincide with wider changes including more tailored support and a review of existing benefits and packages.
Alliance members are being asked to share their feedback through a short survey.
Challenging times
Neil Leitch, chief executive of the Alliance, said: “We know that these are incredibly challenging times for the early years sector. That’s why we’ve been working hard to find out from our members what more we can do to support them, and provide the advice, guidance and resources they need to deliver quality, sustainable care and education.”
He added: “The Alliance has long been proud to represent providers from across the early years sector, and the move to becoming the Early Years Alliance simply ensures that our name accurately reflects this.
Continued support
“We of course remain fully committed to supporting our pre-school members, alongside those from nurseries, childminders and other institutions and individuals such as local authorities and students.
“These changes to our name and logo will form just one part of the important changes we are making to ensure that the sector has a strong, unwavering united voice at a time of ever-increasing pressure on the sector.”
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