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Low income families struggling to follow diet guidelines

By Rachel Lawler
healthy eating early years
Low income families cannot afford to follow healthy eating guidelines for their children, according to new research from the Food Foundation.
The organisation looks at the cost of following the government’s Eatwell Guide and compared this to average household expenditure from the Living Costs and Food Survey 2015/16.
Disposable income
More than a quarter of families (26.9%) would need to spend more than a quarter of their disposable income to meet the Eatwell Guidelines and more than half of these families include at least one child.
Families earning less than £15,860 a year would need to spend 42% of their disposable income on meeting the cost of the Eatwell Guide.
Adequate support
The Food Foundation says that the government should ensure that the low-income families are given adequate support to help them meet the Eatwell Guidelines.
Annie Denny, nutrition development manager at the Early Years Nutrition Partnership, said: “Ensuring that young children have access to healthy and nutritious food is at the very heart of what we do here at the Early Years Nutrition Partnership. We’re deeply saddened to hear that children growing up in lower income families may not be able to get enough fruit, vegetables and other healthy foods to meet the government’s official guidelines.”
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