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New training course explains GDPR for providers

By Rachel Lawler
Implementing the GDPR early years providers
The Alliance has launched a new online training course to help support early years practitioners as they implement the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Implementing the GDPR, which has launched in partnership with EduCare, consists of two modules and two questionnaires that will support owners, trustees and managers operating a childcare service
GDPR in practice
The first module gives an explanation of the updated regulation and what it means for early years providers while the second half focuses on GDPR in practice.
Alliance members can access this course and up to 20 other online EduCare courses completely free every year.
A clear need
Paul Donaldson, the Alliance’s director of human resources, said: “We developed Implementing the GDPR to meet a clear need from busy managers and owners responsible for processing data in childcare settings.
“This course will help providers understand the GDPR and take the necessary steps to support on-going compliant. It will explain best practice for communicating privacy notices, obtaining valid consent, record keeping and how to notify the ICO in the event of a data breach.
“Alongside our GDPR-compliant publications and legal guidance helpline, this course is the latest resource the Alliance has created to help support providers as they implement the new data guidelines.”
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