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Childminders share views on funding rules

By Rachel Lawler

Childminders related children
More than 1,000 childminders have responded to an Alliance survey about the current rules for claiming funding for related children.
The survey is part of the Alliance’s ongoing efforts to lobby the government and seeks more evidence of how current regulations are impacting childminders’ businesses.
Related children rules
Current rules state that childminders cannot claim government funding for any children who are related to them. This is not the case for group early years settings.
More than 1,000 childminders have already shared their views on the topic, less than 24 hours after the survey’s launch.
Long-term concern
Neil Leitch, chief executive of the Alliance, said: “We know that this is far from a new problem and that many childminders have been campaigning on this issue for years. With a growing number of childminders choosing to join the Alliance, we’re keen to do our utmost to lobby government on this issue and finally secure a long overdue change to these rules.
“We are very clear that the current rules on funding for related children are completely unfair to childminders, but this in itself isn’t enough to achieve change – if it was, the rules would have been amended a long time ago. That’s why we need hard data to present to the Department for Education to demonstrate exactly what impact the current regulations are having on the childminding sector.
“We hope all childminders, whether Alliance members or not, will take this opportunity to ensure their voices are heard on this issue.”
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