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New 'traffic light' system to help distinguish appropriate sexualised behaviours in children

Sexual health and wellbeing charity Brook has developed a sexual behaviours traffic light tool, aiming to enable professionals to distinguish age appropriate sexualised behaviours in children.

The tool includes indicators of concern to normal sexualised behaviours to be expected as part of children’s development.

The tool splits behaviours into:

  • green — normal behaviours
  • amber — signalling the need to take notice and gather information
  • red behaviours — which indicate for immediate intervention and action. 

Examples of green behaviours would include:

  • holding or playing with own genitals
  • attempting to touch or curiosity about other children’s genitals
  •  attempting to touch or curiosity about breasts, bottoms or genitals of adults
  •  games e.g. mummies and daddies, doctors and nurses
  •  enjoying nakedness
  •  interest in body parts and what they do
  •  curiosity about the differences between boys and girls.

See the traffic light tool