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Ofsted launches new five-year strategy

By Rachel Lawler

Ofsted has launched a new five-year strategy, focusing on being “a force for improvement through intelligent, responsible and focused inspection and regulation”. The strategy is designed to help explain how it plans to deliver its mission of improving the lives of children. The strategy will also be used to inform the 2019 inspection framework.

Core values
The new strategy identifies three core values for the organisation: putting children, young people and learners first; independence; and accountability and transparency.
Ofsted has also said that it intends to make reports more understandable to parents and other users.
High-reaching strategy
Amanda Spielman, chief inspector of Ofsted, said: “This high-reaching strategy commits us to inspection that is intelligent, responsible and focused. It will allow us to tackle emerging challenges and take advantage of new opportunities, ensuring that we can have maximum impact in improving young people’s lives.”
Julius Weinberg, chair of Ofsted, added: “The strategy is the product of significant engagement with both our inspection workforce and those we inspect. Through that engagement we have been able to build a clear picture of where Ofsted adds most value and what more we need to do to fulfil our mission of being a force for improvement.”
Alliance response
Neil Leitch, chief executive of the Alliance, welcomed Ofsted’s focus on the needs of the child.
Neil said: “Over recent months and years, Ofsted has been a positive example of what genuine engagement with the sector can achieve – and while there is always room for improvement, the steps it has taken to listen and respond to providers’ thoughts and concerns has helped significantly improve the sector’s confidence in the inspection process.”
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