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Baseline assessments could return after government consultation

Education secretary announces proposals to change assessments for primary school children
Reception children could face a baseline test shortly after starting under proposals revealed in a new consultation launched today.
The Department for Education has put forward plans to scrap SAT tests for children aged seven in favour of a baseline assessment at the start of reception. Education Secretary Justine Greening said that the proposals would help children learn, while “freeing up teachers to do what they do best – supporting children to their full potential.
The proposal suggests a new “teacher-mediated assessment” at the start of the second half-term in reception year, in addition to the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile, which would remain statutory. The consultation will run until 22 June 2017.
Alliance chief executive Neil Leitch expressing concern over the proposals, saying: “The government cannot relieve the current testing burden on children in Key Stage 1 by simply shifting it onto their younger peers. We hope that the DfE will genuinely listen to sector feedback on these proposals, and we look forward to clearly detailing our stance on this in our response to the government’s consultation.”
The government has confirmed that the proposed new baseline assessment will not come into place until the 2019/2010 academic year and that exams due to take place this academic year will go ahead as planned.