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Alliance publishes funding rate database

Database of 2017/18 funding rates complied for early years providers
The Alliance is creating a database of early years funding rates ahead of huge changes to the way places are funded for three- and four-year-olds.
The government has already confirmed the final funding rates given to local authorities using the new Early Years National Funding Formula. However, despite the fact that the new rates are due to come into effect in April, many practitioners still do not know what they will be receiving.
To help prepare for the change, the Alliance is offering a searchable database containing information about each local authorities confirmed funding rate and, where available, the proposed rate given to practitioners in the area.
The database replaces the funding calculator launched last year, which estimated funding rates based on each local authorities previous funding patterns.
Neil Leitch, chief executive of the Alliance, said that government’s new funding rates have caused confusion in the sector, with many practitioners mistakenly believing they would receive a minimum of £4 an hour.
Neil said: “We’re committed to supporting both our members and the wider sector, and we hope that this database will be a useful source of information and clarity for those that need it.”
Shannon Hawthorne, press and public affairs director at the Alliance, added that the database was still being updated as local authorities confirm rates. She said: “With over 150 local authorities, all at different stages of implementing their new local funding formulas, the database is inevitably an ongoing piece of work but one that we’ll be looking to update regularly as and when new information on formulas or rates becomes available.”