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Paediatric first aid rules yet to be implemented

The government has confirmed that new paediatric first aid rules have not yet been implemented.
A consultation on first aid changes was held between October and December 2015, and new rules were set to become effective as of September this year.
84% of respondents agreed with the new first aid requirement which will mean staff are required to hold either a Paediatric First Aid (PFA) or emergency PFA certificate.
The rules were supposed come as part of a revised version of the EYFS Framework and Neil Leitch, chief executive at the Pre-school Learning Alliance, has now called for greater clarity on this Framework.
“While we would recommend that all providers work towards the new first aid requirements regardless, the wider issue of the ongoing delay of the revised EYFS Framework, and the lack of information from government on this, is one of concern,” Neil said.
“Any changes to the Framework could have a significant impact on early years providers and so it’s important that they are given enough time to adapt their policies and procedures where needed. As it stands, the sector has no clarity on when the revised Framework might be implemented, and what changes – beyond the first aid requirements – it might include.”