New report highlights the need for better standards of childcare

High-quality childcare plays a critical role in mitigating the effects of poverty on children, a new report published by the Family Childcare Trust and Joseph Rowntree Foundation argues.

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30 hours scheme could ‘nationalise’ childcare, says thinktank

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Government plans to extend the three- and four-year-old free entitlement for working families could help to “nationalise childcare”, a thinktank has claimed.

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Thousands of single parents excluded from 30 hours childcare, claims charity

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Up to 20,000 single parents could miss out on the extended free entitlement offer due to a change in eligibility criteria, according to the charity for single parent families, Gingerbread.

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Two-to-four year olds in the UK ‘not active enough to be healthy’

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A recent report by The British Heart Foundation National Centre claims that 91% of two-to-four year olds in the UK are not active enough to be healthy.

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