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Sam Gyimah draws ideas from French childcare system

France’s childcare system provided a source of inspiration for Sam Gyimah during a recent visit to Paris.

The education and childcare minister spent two days in the capital, where he exchanged ideas with his French counterpart around expanding high-quality childcare.

He met with practitioners and visited a number of providers to see how childcare could be scaled up in disadvantaged communities, as well as how unemployed and single parents could be supported in getting back to work.

Minister Gyimah also met with the Deputy Head of Mission and discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the French system with key leaders in the early years.

At the Ministry of Education, he joined policy discussions on the latest reforms in early education, training of early years teachers and how resources could be used to support disadvantaged children.

Minister Gyimah said: “In France, high-quality childcare is central to efforts to support families to balance their work and home life. That’s why I’m keen to find out what works for them, and share best practice with our European neighbours.”