National Week of Play 2022

Children laughing in forest

Play Week Logo 2022National Week of Play 2022: Protecting the planet through play 

At a time when there is – rightly – a growing focus on the need to take urgent action to safeguard the future of our planet, what role can the early years sector play in helping young children to build a lifelong relationship with the natural world – and, importantly, how can we ensure that the concept of eco-sustainability is both meaningful and fun? 

We believe that by helping children to understand and connect with the world they live in, those working with young children have a unique opportunity to embed new ways of thinking, rather than trying to change already-entrenched attitudes and habits, as is so often the case with adults.  

That why this year’s Alliance National Week of Play, which ran from Monday 13 to Sunday 19 June, focused specifically on eco-sustainability and how by opening children’s eyes to the awe and wonder of the world through play, we can support their growing understanding of how important it is to protect it. 

Through a range of free resources, materials, blogs and activity ideas, the National Week of Play 2022 aimed to encourage both early educators to take active steps to sow the seeds of sustainability, and nurture them, in every child.  

All providers and parents were welcome to join this year’s event – whether already seasoned eco-warriors, or just starting out on their sustainability journey. Because even the smallest of steps can make a big difference – it’s taking that first step that’s important. 

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