Welcome to Fulbourn Pre-school 

Fulbourn Pre-school is an Alliance childcare service located in South Cambridgeshire. 

We offer 26 registered places and are assessed as Good by Ofsted.

Our committed, friendly and well-qualified pre-school team provides high quality care and learning opportunities for children aged between 2 and school age. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) with a focus on learning through play and actively encourage parents to become involved in the life of the nursery. 

We currently have limited spaces

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Opening times

We are open from 9am until 3pm Monday to Friday, during term time. Sessions are 9.00am to noon, noon to 3.00pm and 9.00am to 3pm (two sessions). 

We offer 

  • Funded childcare for qualifying two year olds and all three and four year olds
  • Safe, friendly and fun place for you and your child
  • Learning through indoor and outdoor play activities
  • A well-qualified, kind and caring team
  • A dedicated person to give focused support to your child




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You can visit during our opening hours or please contact Leanne Stevens Manager or Beth Daines Deputy Manager on 01223 882836 or by email on fulbourn@eyalliance.org.uk

About us

Fulbourn Pre-school offers a stimulating approach to early years development and learning for very young children. Within a safe, friendly and fun environment, children are supported by qualified, caring staff in developing a wide range of skills and interests. The children enjoy learning through play experiences in bright indoor and outdoor play areas with exciting outings planned regularly. 

We are managed by the Alliance, one of the largest providers of childcare in England with over 50 years experience delivering childcare and practical, professional support to early years practitioners.

Our pre-school plans its activities in accordance with the EYFS with a strong focus on exploratory, imaginative play and healthy eating. We recognise and understand the huge benefits that free flow play has on the positive development of very young children. Every child in our care is supported by a key person who understands their individual needs and offers special care and support to them. 

Rigorous health & safety and safeguarding policies and procedures are in place to ensure that every child is protected and feels safe and happy with us. 





 Our Daily Routine

9.00 am - doors open, children self-register, parents signing in

Headcount and regsiter completed

9.15am- Free flow play

10.00- 11am - snack available 

10.30am- Nappies are done

11.30am- 5 minute warning for children before tidy up time

11.35am- Tidy up time


11.45am- Key group time/ carpet time 

11.55am- Getting ready to go home or ready for lunch

12.00pm- collection for morning children, children staying for lunch wash hands

12.00pm- Lunch ( Please provide healthy lunchboxes)

Free flow play

1.30pm-2.15pm Snack available

1.45pm - Nappies are done 

2.35pm- 5 minute warning for children before tidy up time

2.40pm- Tidy up time


2.45pm- Key group time/ carpet time 

3.00pm- Home time 




Children aged 2 - 3 years - £17.00 per session (three hours)

Children aged 3 years and over £14.50 per session (three hours)


Fulbourn Pre-school has operated under several different names and in a number of different locations. The oldest record we have dates from 1979 and records a "St Osyth's Playgroup". 

Fulbourn Playgroup, the immediate predecessor of the school, met in the Community Centre in Haggis Gap. December 1998 saw the name change to its current nomenclature of Fulbourn Pre-school.

Circa January 2008, the redevelopment of the Windmill Estate and the surrounding area - including the demolition of the old Community Centre, meant the Pre-school needed to relocate.  Thanks to the foresight of the County, the Primary School and the hard work of the committee at the time, premises were made available at its present home on the site of the Primary School, sharing its facilities with the Limetrees Breakfast and Out-of-School clubs.

Until mid-2013, the Pre-school was located into the old Holly classroom (now one of the Alaska classrooms), but due to the expansion of the Primary School, the Pre-school and the Limetrees clubs relocated at the beginning of the Autumn 2013 to a mobile classroom, still within the grounds of the Primary School.  These facilities enhanced the capabilities of the Pre-school by providing access to a second room (shared with Limetrees) as well as an office on site.

In the first half 2016 the membership of the Pre-school voted in favour of the Alliance taking over the management of the setting to ensure a sustainable future.  In August 2016 Ofsted registered the Alliance as the managing body.

In the second half of 2016 the preschool moved into the old library on the school grounds which is where it is based now 

You can visit during our opening hours or please contact Leanne Stevens Manager or Beth Daines Deputy Manager on 01223 882836 or by email on fulbourn@eyalliance.org.uk

Our Team

Our well qualified, committed and experienced team work hard to create a caring and learning environment in the pre-school. We know that every child develops differently and at different times. Every child has a key person who understands how their individual needs and interests. This helps us to ensure that every child feels involved, stimulated and happy in our care.

We follow rigorous staff recruitment, selection and supervision procedures to ensure that anyone joining our team undertake relevant security checks including Disclosure and Barring Service disclosure, references and qualification checks. Parents are reassured knowing that child protection and safeguarding underpins every aspect of our practice and will continue to remain a priority for us.

Your child's 'key person'

Every child who joins the pre-school receives support from an experienced member of the team. They are responsible for your child’s individual needs and known as the ‘key person’. The key person is your main point of contact however all pre-school staff are happy to feedback on your child’s developmental progress on a daily basis or discuss any concerns with you. They will also keep records of your child’s progress and achievement, which are always available for you to see and contribute towards.

Your child’s key person will make time to find out from you about your child’s interests, likes, dislikes and special requirements. Please share any important or useful information when you register your child and throughout their time with us. This helps us to give your child the most appropriate care and learning to suit their developmental, emotional and physical needs. You can access and contribute your views to your child's progress and achievements in their records.


Meet our dedicated and happy team 

Our team continuously update our qualifcations and training to ensure we continue to provide the best quality of care at all times. We are always available within the setting to answer any questions or concerns and will always try to help the best we can.


Leanne Stevens - Preschool Manager, Safeguard & SEN Lead

Leanne holds a CACHE Level 3 Children and Young Peoples Workforce and holds a Level 3 Ascentis award in Education and Training- Leanne is also first aid trained



Beth Daines - Deputy Manager & ENCO Lead

Beth holds a CACHE Level 3 Children and Young Peoples Workforce - Beth is also first aid trained & Safeguard qualified



 Laura Rayment- Preschool Practitioner

Laura holds a Level 3 Cache NVQ in Early Years and Education 

Laura Is first aid trained & Safeguard qualified


 Bex Matthews - Preschool Practicioner & Health and Safety Officer

Bex holds a CACHE Level 3 Children and Young Peoples Workforce- Bex is also first aid trained & safeguard qualified



 Colette Mason - Preschool Assistant & Fire Officer

Colette is first aid trained & Safeguard qualified



You can visit during our opening hours or please contact Leanne Stevens Manager or Beth Daines Deputy Manager on 01223 882836 or by email on fulbourn@eyalliance.org.uk

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Do you offer funded entitlement for 3 year olds?

Children are eligible for the funding in the term following their third birthday. The funding is available for 15 hours per week.  

Do you offer funded entitlement for 2 year olds?

Children from households receiving certain benefits might be entitled to funded childcare for 15 hours a week for 38 weeks of the term after their 2nd birthday. Please talk to a team member for more details.

What sessions do you offer?

Sessions are term time, Monday to Friday.

9.00am to noon

noon to 3.00pm

9.00am to 3.00pm (two sessions)

What are your fees?

Children aged 2 - 3 years - £17.00 per session (three hours)

Children aged 3 years and over £14.50 per session (three hours) 

Do you provide hot meals?

We do not provide hot meals however, a variety of healthy balanced snacks are provided for all children during a session. Our parent/carer notice board shows you what today's snacks are.  If your child stays for lunch, we ask parents to ensure the contents are healthy. We have a healthy lunch box idea leaflet that can be given out to parents to help with this. Water is freely available throughout the session. We are a nut free Pre-school. 

What qualifications do your staff have?

Staff have designated roles for SENCO, ENCO, Paediatric First Aid and Child Protection.  

How many staff will be looking after my child? 

There is a team of five staff.  

How quickly can my child start?

Contact us for details. 

You can visit during our opening hours or please contact Leanne Stevens Manager or Beth Daines Deputy Manager on 01223 882836 or by email on fulbourn@eyalliance.org.uk





Contact Us

Leanne Stevens Manager or Beth Daines Deputy Manager

Fulbourn Pre-school

C/o Fulbourn Primary School

School Lane

CB21 5BH

T: 01223 882836

E: fulbourn@eyalliance.org.uk


Fulbourn Primary School
School Lane
CB21 5BH
United Kingdom
Tel: 01223 882836

"The team at the Fulbourn Pre-School have been successful in providing a very friendly and fun environment for the children that fosters learning and development in unique ways. It ranges from naming the fish to Christmas celebration performances to baking and what not, every now and often we get to find out about a different activity going on that shows the effort the team put into making it a great experience for the children.
We have been particularly pleased with the focus the Pre-School team have had in helping our little one in settling at the nursery as well as his toilet training, that they have very quickly got to grips with, something that we thought would take a while.
The team always seem to be taking steps to make the overall experience better for both children and the parents, the recent example being the roll out of the Famly app that works a treat as well as sign in / sign out process that got replaced by a Tablet as opposed to a paper based system that was inefficient and must have had a maintenance overhead. 
Overall, we have found the Fulbourn Pre-School a really good choice for our child so far, and will not hesitate in recommending it to anyone."

Owais & Maryam (Parents)

"The school has been great helping our daughter settle in and get used to being in a classroom. She’s made lots of friends and we’ve really see her confidence grow. She loves talking to the teachers, playing in the home corner and showing off her singing and dancing skills!"

Laura (Parent)