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Please join us for an activity-packed programme offering loads of ideas on how to keep your little one happy, motivated and learning.

We hope you and your child have enjoyed our Family Sessions on YouTube and our Family Time Tips activities that the Early Years Alliance has shared throughout the Covid-19 crisis.  

Now we would like to invite you and your little ones to join some of our free online sessions for families.

At the moment we are offering:

  • Let's Learn Together@Home - This is a six-week programme for the 0-2 year olds - one Zoom session per week for six weeks.
  • Parent Connect - These are one-off online events providing wellbeing and other advice. They support children’s return to, or introduction to, early education.
  • Let's Get Ready for School - A three-week virtual Zoom programme for children due to start school in September 2021. Each session will last 30 minutes and there will be one session per week.

You can read further details on each course and book via the booking links below.

Let's Learn Together@Home

Join one of our programmes of six weekly sessions providing more accessible ideas on how to help children's learning at home.

The six-week programmes are going to take place throughout June and July 2021.

What will my family gain from doing this course?

The course offers a personal approach to family learning and will help you better understand how children like to learn. By taking part in a variety of fun activities together, the course will help improve communication between you and your child. Plus you'll have the chance to learn in small groups and meet and connect with other families online.

And you'll even get a certificate too once you've completed all the sessions.

What ages are the programmes aimed at?


What does the course cover?

Session 1 – An Introduction to Home Learning

In the first session you'll go over the aims and objectives of the course and an outline of what you'll be doing. The course facilitator will help you to recognise the wide range of learning opportunities available in and around the home and show you a range of fun learning-through-play activities for your children to do at home.

Session 2 – Music Time with the Kitchen Band

You will all explore the benefits of home-based musical learning through everyday activities and be shown how to make music at home. Plus you'll get the chance to perform together as part of a ‘Kitchen Band’!

Session 3 – Creating Awe and Wonder through Science

During this session you will take a look at problem solving and complete a science experiment with your child including working out how to melt ice.

Session 4 – Supporting Emotional Wellbeing

You will be shown how to develop strategies to support child’s emotional development and wellbeing. You will explore feelings and emotions for all ages and gain an understanding of what mindfulness and relaxation is. You will talk about implement some relaxation strategies at home for yourselves and your child, to promote positive emotional wellbeing. And you'll be shown how to make sensory playdough.

Session 5 — No Garden Gardening 

Session 6 – Physical fun

In this session we will be looking at ways keep our bodies fit and healthy.

We will talk about the importance of physical activity for children and how you can all enjoy physical activities together as a family.

Please be aware sessions might be subject change dependent on available resources. 

How many sessions are there and how are they are delivered?

One session will be delivered online per week, for six weeks in total.

How much does the course cost?

The course is free of charge thanks to the support of the Department for Education. 

Who runs the sessions?

Early Years Alliance staff lead the sessions, showing how fun, playful activities really help your child’s learning and development.

What equipment do I need?

All you need is a computer or device with a webcam and access to the internet.

Some activities will require resources and props, most of which will be basic household items that you should have lying around.

Some sessions may require simple ingredients such as vinegar or flour for example. You will be provided with a short list of what's needed before your programme begins.

If you have any problems getting hold of anything on the list then please do let us know.

How do I book onto the course?

Just click on the links below and you will be taken through to a booking form.

Please book on to your chosen date as soon as possible.

Upon receipt of your booking you will either get an email confirming your place or be provided with alternative dates if your chosen date is full.

If you need any more information on Let's Learn Together@Home contact


First course begins Monday 7 June and then every Monday for six weeks - final week Monday 12 July 

Mondays at 1-2pm

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Second course begins Wednesday 9 June and then every Wednesday for six weeks - final week Wednesday 14 July

Wednesdays 10-11 am

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Parent Connect online events

These are one-off online events providing wellbeing and other advice. They are an opportunity to connect with other parents and carers via Zoom and learn about topics relevant to families and children aged 0-5 and share ideas in how to support each other.

Let’s Talk about Behaviour 

In this session we try to define behaviour and look to delve into some of the influences and functions of children’s behaviour. Finally, we round things up with a discussion around addressing some behaviour concerns. 

Thursday 17 June 


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Play week logoThe importance of play

An opportunity to connect with other parents and carers and share ideas on how to support each other and our children's play. Together we consider what is play and explore play based learning taking a closer look at how play shaped our own childhoods.

This is part of the activities for the Alliance's National Week of Play.

23 June, 1.30pm to 2.30pm.

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Supporting your Child’s Speech and Language Development  

In this session we explore the importance of speech and language development and how you can support communication. 

Thursday 24 June


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Process over Product  

 ‘It’s not the destination, it’s the glory of the ride’ Join us as we explore what this means for children in their play. 

Thursday 1 July 


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Outside Fun  

To explore and discuss activities and ideas for outdoor play, and to learn about the many benefits that this has for children. 

Thursday 8 July  


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5 Ways to Wellbeing  

This session includes simple exercises and ideas that can be used by families as well as ideas families can go on to use to further support their mental health and wellbeing. 

Thursday 15 July 


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Importance of Play  

Together we consider what play is, explore play-based learning and take a closer look at how play shaped our own childhoods. 

Thursday 22 July 


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Let's Get Ready For School

A three-week virtual Zoom programme for children due to start school in September 2021. Each session will last 30 minutes and there will be one session per week:

Week 1 – Independence. 

Independence is one of the most valuable skills that you can teach your child. It’s not about struggling to do things on your own but more about learning to have a go without adult intervention and knowing when to ask for help.  Allowing your child to make choices and solve problems for themselves will really help them to access the school environment. 


  • Putting on a coat.
  • Socks and shoes.
  • Clothes inside out to the right way round.
  • Story - Foxes socks.
  • Toileting skills.          
Week 2 – Fingers and tools

Fine Motor Skills involve the use of the small muscles that control the hand, fingers and thumb.  They help children perform important tasks like feeding themselves, buttoning and zipping clothes, writing, drawing and much more. Little hands can develop dexterity and strength through practical play activities such as play dough, safe scissors, threading building.  These will help your child prepare for holding a pencil, mark-making and ultimately write. Using a knife and fork is important when they start school so encourage this at home as much as possible – the activities suggested will help strengthen the muscles in your child's hands and fingers. 


  • Scissors to snip leaves, paper and catalogues
  • Pegs open and close onto paper
  • Story – Barry the fish with fingers 
  • Healthy eating and sleep
Week 3 – Let's get ready for school 

Becoming more confident when speaking to others and being able to say when they need help, will help children make a smooth transition into starting school.

Speaking in short sentences, enables children to communicate their wants and needs and helps them make friends.

Talking about activities they like to do will help children to become confident and to connect to others who enjoy the same activities.

Your child does not need to be able to read before they start school. 


  • Props will be used to discuss feelings i.e. happy face, sad face, scared face etc 
  • Educator to decorate their own name place on a piece of paper – talk about making their own after the session and one for all their family, (encourage recognising own name) 
  • Story - Going to School 



Programme 1
13 - 27 July
4.00pm - 5.00pm

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Programme 2 -
19 Aug - 2 Sept
9.30am - 10.30am

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