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EAL Support Resources

There are a number of resources available to support practitioners. We have updated and collated many of these below, including the “Supporting Children Learning English as an Additional Language in the Early Years” & “Quick Tips for Helping EAL Children”.

This page will be updated regularly as and when new resources are available or updated.

Practitioner Support

Advice Leaflet for EY EAL

Action Plan

EAL Support Visit Evaluation Form

Termly Review

Quick Tips for Helping EAL Children

EAL Transition Checklist

A Unique Child Personal Communication

Home Communication Profile

Stages of Early Bilingual Learning

Supporting Children with English as a Second Language

Racial Harrassment Leaflet for Parents

Racial Incident Recording Sheet

Key Issues for 2 Year Olds Learning English as a Second Language

Environmental Audits

Environmental Checklist

EYSTC Environmental Audit

EY Communication Friendly Audit 

EAL Toolkit

The EAL toolkit was designed and produced by the Somerset EAL Advisory Service in 2017. 
It was launched at various events around the county to providers, including provider evenings, cluster meetings and conferences.
The pack is a useful resource to give guidance and support to Early Years practitioners when considering how best to support
EAL children in their setting, including Environmental Audits and SEND comparison flow charts.
Hard copies of this resource are very limited; Somerset providers can obtain a copy by contacting their Early Years Community Leads who may have some.
Providers can obtain a digital copy by clicking on the links below:

Stages of Early Bilingual Learning                                                  Is Bilingualism an Advantage?
I don't speak much English - how can you help me?                      About learning English as an Additional Language
EAL Best Practice Checklist                                                           Engaging Parents as Partners in Transitions
Audit for a Communication Friendly Environment page 1               Audit for a Communication Friendly Environment page 2
A Unique Child page 1                                                                    A Unique Child page 2
Positive Relationships page 1                                                         Positive Relationships page 2
Enabling Environments page 1                                                       Enabling Environments page 2
Learning & Development (1) page 1                                               Learning & Development (1) page 2
Learning & Development (2) page 1                                               Learning & Development (2) page 2
Is it a language issue or a Special Educational Need?                   How do we distinguish between EAL & SEN?

EAL Flashcard Keyrings

Each keyring contains a set of 20 words in English, the other language, the pronunciation and a descriptive picture.
The words include: hello, goodbye, please, thank you, yes, no, mummy, daddy, fruit, water, milk, hungry, toilet,
play inside, play outside, help, good, sorry, sad and tired.

To order a set download the booking form and send to eal.service@eyalliance.org.uk




Welcome to Somerset

To accompany the Welcome to Somerset videos there is a pack of information that providers will find useful when trying to gather and share information with parents and carers who may speak little English. These documents are also available in the following languages on request: Bulgarian, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian & Spanish.

Welcome to Somerset - English

Know How Guide - 2 year Old Check 

EYFS - A Parent's Guide

Racial Incident Recording Sheet