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Translation Services and Resources

Interpretation Services

If you require the support of an interpreter to come to your setting to support in meeting with families and carers, health visitors or give an insight into the child’s development in their home language for example then this is also a commissioned service, with the same service providers. DA Languages is for all Languages. Diversity Voice is for Polish only.

DA Languages Ltd

Please email DA Languages who will respond with an invitation to create a profile with DA Link their online booking system. Once you have created your profile, you can make multiple and repeat bookings. It is a simple system, however if you need guidance please refer to the documents below, or just call the Early Years Alliance on 01278 691719.

DA Languages 0161 928 2533 ext 231 teamsouth@dalanguages.co.uk

DA Languages Booking Form Guidance
DA Link - Quick Client Guide

Diversity Voice

Please call or email Diversity Voice to make a booking for all your Polish interpretation or translation needs.
Diversity Voice 03000 750105 linkworker@diversityvoice.org.uk

Early Years Support Workers
Support for Polish Speak Children In Somerset's Schools & Early Years Settings
Language Identification Chart

Translated Documents

With an ever increasing population in Somerset of families who have English as an Additional Language we are seeing a rise in the need for documents commonly used in Early Years settings to be translated into a variety of languages to meet the parent’s needs.
We have a stock of translated documents, so please look here first. If what you are looking for is not here, contact them directly with your specific needs, but if it is a common need that many settings have requested, please also contact us at the EAL Advisory Service so that we can monitor requests and ensure the best use of resources available.

Keep Talking - Children Learning English as a Second Language

Bulgarian                                                           Chinese - Traditional                                         
Chinese - Simplified                                          Dutch                                                                 
English                                                              Estonian                                                            
Filipino                                                               French                                                              
German                                                             Hindi
Hungarian                                                         Italian                                                               
Latvian                                                              Lithuanian                                                         
Polish                                                                Portuguese                                                       
Romanian                                                         Russian                                                             
Slovak                                                               Spanish                                                           
Tagalog                                                             Thai                                                                   

Every Step Counts

English                                                              Lithuanian
Polish                                                                Portuguese

Gathering Information from Parents

Chinese                                                             Chinese (traditional)
English                                                               Estonian
Latvian                                                               Polish
Portuguese                                                        Russian
Tagalog                                                              Turkish                                                        
Ukranian                                                            Vanavil

ECAT - Child Monitoring Tool

English                                                              Hindi                                                                    
Hungarian                                                         Lithuanian
Mandarin                                                           Polish                                                                
Portuguese                                                       Punjabi                                                              
Romanian                                                         Russian                                                             
Slovak                                                               Spanish                                                             

The Personal Child Health Record (red book)

Bulgarian                                                            English
Filipino                                                                French
German                                                              Hungarian
Italian                                                                 Lithuanian
Malayalam                                                         Mandarin
Polish                                                                 Portuguese
Russian                                                              Spanish
Thai                                                                    Turkish

Funding for 2 Year Olds - Information

English                                                               Polish

Funding for 2 Year Olds - Application Form

English                                                              Polish

Parents Guide to EYFS


Parent Version ECAT


Children's Personal Pathways

Polish - version 3

Stepping Up To School Transition Videos

The EAL Advisory Service was commissioned by Somerset County Council to produce a short video which will help and guide parents and families with EAL children through the transition period of moving up to primary school.

This video has been produced in English and is available subtitled with the following languages; Bulgarian, Chinese, Filipino, French, German, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Malayalam, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Thai and Turkish.

Click on the following YouTube links to view the videos:

English - Stepping Up to School
Bulgarian - Започване на училище
Chinese - 支持儿童首次上学的服务
Filipino - Paglipat sa Paaralan
French - L’entrée à l’école
German - Vorbereitung für die Schule
Hungarian - Az Iskola Elkezdése
Lithuanian - Pasiruošimas Mokyklai
Malayalam - സ്കുളിലേക്കുള്ള കരകയറ്റം
Polish - Czas Zacząć Szkołę
Portuguese - Avançar para a Escola
Romanian - Tranziția Către Scoală
Russian - Переход в школу
Spanish - Empezando el Colegio
Thai - การก้าวสู่โรงเรียน
Turkish - Okul Hayatina Adim Atmak

Welcome to Somerset Videos

We were also commissioned to create a short video aimed at parents, giving brief information about childcare options in Somerset. This has been recorded in English and 10 other languages: Bulgarian, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. To accompany this there is a pack of information that providers will find useful when trying to gather and share information with parents and carers who may speak little English. This is also available in the same range of languages on the 'Resources' tab.

Click the links to view the videos on YouTube:

English - Welcome to Somerset
Bulgarian - Добре дошли в Съмърсет
French - Bienvenue à Somerset
German - Willkommen in Somerset
Italian - Benvenuto nel Somerset
Lithuanian - Sveiki atvykę į Somersetą
Mandarin - Welcome to Somerset
Polish - Witamy w Somerset
Portuguese - Bem-vindo a Somerset
Russian - Добро пожаловать в Сомерсет
Spanish - Bienvenido a Somerset