Fair Future Funding campaign

Fair Future FundingDo you think that government funding should cover the rising cost of delivering free entitlement places? We think so too.

The government has confirmed that current early years funding levels will remain frozen until 2020. In addition, a quarter of local authorities have seen a drop in their funding rates as a result of the new Early Years National Funding Formula introduced in April.

With rising business costs — and in particular, the 'national living wage' which is set to increase to £9 per hour in 2020 — we believe that this approach is completely unsustainable, and will result in providers being forced to increases costs to parents, limit places and, in a growing number of cases, be forced to close.



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That's why our Fair Future Funding campaign is calling for the government to introduce a mechanism to ensure that funding covers the cost of delivering funded childcare places in the years to come. Specifically, we are calling on the government to:

  • introduce a statutory requirement on local authorities to collect annual data from local providers on the cost of delivering free entitlement places

  • undertake an annual review of free entitlement funding levels and how they compare to the cost of delivering places using this data, increasing funding when and where necessary.

The approach would ensure that, as the cost of delivering free entitlement rises, government funding does too.

Get involved: talk to your MP

Want to support the campaign? Writing to or arranging a meeting with your local MP, and asking them to raise your concerns, is a really effective way to influence government policy. You can find details of your local MP on the Parliament website. If you want to write to your MP, you can use the Write to Them website.

You can also check if your MP is on Twitter, and tweet your concerns to them, using Tweet Your MP (don't forget use the #FairFutureFunding hashtag!).

We have created two template letters - one for providers and one for parents - that you can use if helpful. We have also produced a briefing on childcare funding in England to send along with your letter and help inform any conversations you have on the offer, and a mythbuster to help you argue back against a number of government claims about early years funding.


Get involved: help explain funding challenges

Want to help others to understand your concerns about the 30-hour offer? Our interactive explainer provides a simple and easy-to-understand overview of the challenges that providers are facing and the impact this is likely to have on parents. 


Providers wanting to provide parents with a clear explanation of the issues can also print our a guide 30-hours 'free' childcare: what parents need to know, available to download below.


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