Exclusive access to Boogie Mites music programme for EYA Baby and Toddler group members

B&TAll Alliance baby and toddler group members can now receive exclusive access to 15 music and movement songs from early years music provider Boogie Mites for just £50.

Boogie Mites’ music activities are informed by neuroscientific evidence which shows that effective music practice in early years can build strong cognitive foundations for learning, particularly supporting social, language and communication skills for under threes.

Their original songs cover many different genres of music, are upbeat and fun, and enjoyed as much by the adults taking part as the children!

The package, which has been created to support the development of under-threes through music and movement at baby and toddler groups, includes:

  • An introduction video

  • 15 songs (in MP3 format)

  • A video of each song in action in a nursery setting

  • A PDF of practitioner notes with links to the EYFS for each song

  • Six song lists for workshop planning

  • Three posters for you to display to parents with a 20% discount code they can use to purchase resources to use at home.


Songs featured in the package include:

  • Peekaboo – a favourite musical game among under-twos, and a lovely sensory activity in which they learn to anticipate the ‘boo’ and comprehend object permanence.

  • Wave Hello – a great start to any music time, using gross motor skills and sequencing of actions with a catchy song that you will all enjoy singing along with

  • Bangedy Bang Bang – Boogie Mites’ most popular song, which helps children to learn to keep the beat and develops rhythmic awareness. You can use boxes or tubs for drums and hands or wooden spoons for banging along.

  • Shaker Rock – you can have fun making shakers from recycled materials and your children will love shaking along with the rock 'n' roll beat, using gross and fine motor skills, co-ordination and balance.

Buy your package via the My EYA portal

Alliance members can purchase this exclusive package for just £50 via the link in the Members' Area of the My EYA portal

The package includes annual licence fees, which grant your individual baby and toddler group the right to continue using the music just £25 a year.

For further information, please email sue@boogiemites.co.uk.



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