EduCare training bundle: Be the Best - Manager

EduCare Be the Best Manager

Our new EduCare online training bundle makes it even easier for you, early years managers, to take your managerial expertise and skills to the next level while boosting your continuing professional development and fulfilling your obligations.

Be the Best: Manager contains nine Cache-endorsed, CPD-approved online training courses recommended especially for early years leaders and managers.

And once you complete all the courses, you can send off for a Certificate of Training (£15 non-members FREE if you are a member).

Course content

The importance of self-evaluation

An introduction detailing why self-evaluation is important and why it should be included in long-term planning • The key elements of self evaluation • Different forms of self-evaluation and how inspectors use these when inspecting a setting • What Ofsted expects when it comes to evidence the provider is evaluating the quality of the provision • Important information on action planning, including how self-evaluation is measured • Downloadable action plan.

Characteristics of effective teaching and learning

Introduces the three characteristics of effective teaching and learning: playing and exploring, active learning and creating and critical thinking and why they are important • Explains why observing the context of children’s play is essential to help you plan activities effectively • Emphasises how children learn is as important as what they learn.

Characteristics of effective leaders

Setting the vision and culture • Emotional intelligence • Change management • Shared (distributed) leadership • Visits to another setting • Partnership with staff, parents, other service providers and stakeholders • Pitfalls to guard against.

Improving children's learning through play

Understand what counts as ‘play’ and ‘playful’ activities • Identify reasons why play is important • How key theories of child development link to the value of children’s play • Understand the distinction between free play, guided play and highly structured adult-directed activities • Recognise the adult’s role in supporting playful learning.

Speech, language and communication

Understand the whole process of communication and its development • Learn why communication is important, including foundation for learning • The skills children need to develop to be successful communicators • The language pyramid showing how different communication skills relate to each other • How adults and children interact, including important behavioural changes such as letting the child make their own choices • Enabling environments including useful questions to help you look at your setting from a child’s viewpoint.

Supporting early language development

How newborn babies communicate with their significant carer • The difference between infant-directed speech and baby-talk • The effect parents’ responses to a babbling baby has on language development • Strategies to help support children’s language development • The importance of reading, sharing stories and rhymes.

Understanding and addressing behaviour in the early years

Defining behaviour • Influences on children’s behaviour • Addressing common behaviour issues using different approaches such as High Scope, facilitated support, changing behaviours and using rewards and sanctions • Identifying triggers for behaviour and the ‘ABC Check’ • Early intervention • Persistent and challenging behaviours - Biting - Sexualised behaviours - Swearing - Bullying - Children with SEND - Other issues • Physical intervention • Reasonable force • Risks of physical intervention • Intervention procedures including what to record.

Reflective practice in the early years

The different aspects of your work that will benefit from reflective thought • The process of reflective thinking • How team members work and learn together • The characteristics of children’s learning and how you can support them to learn effectively • The process of planning for children’s learning • Stages of reflection.

Sustained shared thinking in the early years

Understand the basic principles of Sustained Shared Thinking • Identify the different ways to engage with a child to aid their development • Learn and use the SSTEW scales • Learn how to self-evaluate and reflect on your use of the scales.

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Terms and conditions
  • In order to qualify for your Certificate of Training you must complete all nine courses in the bundle.
  • Each course has its own certificate. However if you would like the Certificate of Training to show you have completed the whole bundle, then submit all your completed course certificates to the Alliance Training Centre at and they will send you your Certificate of Training. An administration fee of £15 will apply. (Alliance members get the Certificate of Training FREE).
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