Early years agenda

We think it's time that sector professionals set the early years agenda. Do you agree?

Following the 2015 general election, and in response to the challenges facing the early years sector, we have produced the Early Years Agenda: a realistic, sustainable plan for the future of the sector grounded in three key principles:

  • The needs of the child must always be at the centre of all decision-making
  • Policy should be based on an extensive body of evidence, not the personal views of government ministers (or other policy-drivers, such as Ofsted)
  • Consulting with the early years sector should be the first step of policy development, not the last.

Read our Early Years Agenda manifesto for change

This manifesto is underpinned by the results of two key research projects:


Get involved

You can support our Early Years Agenda campaign in a number of different ways.

Write to your MP

It’s vital that the issue of free entitlement funding is addressed as a matter of urgency.

We want to put as much pressure on the government to address this problem as possible, and so are asking all early years practitioners to write to their local MPs to raise this issue.

We have created a template letter for you to use to write to your MP — just fill in the details

You can also speak to your MP by attending their surgeries. You can find the details on your MP’s website here.

Share your views

We always want to hear your views, on what matters to you. You can: