Covid-19 Recovery Fund FAQs

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1. What is the grant for?

The Covid-19 Recovery grants (up to £750 each) aim to help small early years settings and providers in disadvantaged areas with the challenge of reopening provision during the Covid-19 crisis. The grants aim to help address logistical and other issues that providers face in ensuring their premises are safe for children and able to offer high quality care and learning in these exceptional times. 

Possible uses for the grant could include: 

  • Deep cleaning of the childcare environment 
  • Purchase of supplies and resources where a risk of cross-contamination exists with previously-used supplies  
  • Special provision for vulnerable children or children with additional needs or who face particular disadvantages.

2. Who can apply for the funding?

Only current members of the Early Years Alliance are able to apply for this funding.  

Please note that priority will be given to applicants operating within the 10% most disadvantaged areas.

3. How do I apply?

If you consider your setting would be eligible you should plan and cost your application. When you feel confident that you have collated sufficient information to make an effective application, complete the online form at the bottom of the main Covid-19 Recovery Fund page here. You will be given an opportunity to state the reasons why you should be funded under the statement section. Please take this opportunity to present the reasons why we should fund you clearly and concisely.  

4. How long will it take before I hear back?  

We aim to contact you with the outcome of your application within 7 working days. Unfortunately, because of the current unprecedented crisis we anticipate there will be high demand for this funding. If your application is not successful it is unlikely to be because of the quality of your application but because of the numbers of applicants.  For this reason, we are unable to offer an appeal process to unsuccessful applicants. 

5. Our treasurer has reported that we do not have sufficient cash reserves to deep clean our setting before we re-open. Can we apply for funding to pay for a deep clean? 

The grant can be used towards the deep cleaning of premises and equipment in your early years provision.  However, settings are advised to follow Government guidance before undertaking the task and applying for funding. 

6. I am a childminder. My families are planning to return to me in the next few weeks.  However, since my income disappeared, I have been struggling to keep afloat and I am not sure I can even stock my fridge and buy nappies ready for opening.  Can I apply for the grant to help with these necessities? 

Our intention is to provide emergency funding to settings who have been adversely affected by the current Covid-19 crisis and at risk of hardship or closure. Each case will be assessed individually. If your circumstances places you at this type of risk, please apply.  

7. Our setting operates in a small church hall. Most of our toys are second-hand and pose a cross-contamination risk. Can we apply for funding to replace our resources? 

You can apply for the grant to replace resources.  

The DfE advises that settings should increase cleaning of toys and play equipment and remove soft furnishings, soft toys and toys that are difficult to clean.  If your risk assessment identifies that certain toys and/or equipment pose a risk, then please remove these and consider purchasing more suitable resources.    

8. I manage a large Children Centre. Our Senior Management team estimates it will cost approximately  £2,000 to get the centre ready for opening. Can we apply for funding? 

All members settings can apply for the funding up to a maximum value of £750.  However, we are happy to contribute towards part of the cost of a more expensive intervention as long as the application fulfils the eligibility criteria. 

9. How is my data used?

The Covid-19 Recovery Fund Privacy Policy can be found here.

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