Cost of delivery calculator

Girl writes on pad to represent cost of delivering childcare

We know how difficult it is to understand the costs associated with running your setting.

That’s why we've developed a cost calculator to help you better understand your delivery costs. 


The 'Calculating Childcare Costs' Word document can be used to calculate provider’s total costs and total hours delivered.

You can then enter this information into the 'Cost of delivery calculator' spreadsheet, which will automatically estimate hourly delivery costs, based on the information provided.


It’s a fairly straightforward process – but you will need to have some financial information to hand in order to complete it.

STEP 1: Download the 'Calculating childcare costs' Word document and enter the relevant information to calculate your total annual delivery costs and hours delivered.

STEP 2: Download the Cost of delivery calculator spreadsheet and enter this annual cost and hours deliver information. Your estimated hourly delivery costs will then be automatically calculated.


Once you’ve completed the cost calculator you might find that you need to change your pricing structure. If you do, you will need to make parents aware of these changes as early as possible.

Alliance members can use the template letter we’ve designed to help do so — please visit the Template Letters section in the Members' Area on the EYA portal to get it.

If you have any questions about or issues with using this cost calculator, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can email us at:


We at the Alliance will continue to campaign for fairer early years funding through our Fair Future Funding campaign.


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