Coronavirus (Covid-19)

covid 19

These pages are for all staff working directly with children and families in an early years provision.

It is not intended to replace any guidance issued by the Government.

  • NEW! Early years providers will no longer need to keep children in small 'bubbles' within settings from 20 July onwards, the DfE has announced. Read the full story.
  • NEW! On 1 July, the government released new guidance on what nurseries, childminders and early years settings need to do if there's a local lockdown during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Read it here.
  • The Department for Education has asked early years providers in England to reopen for children of all ages.
  • For questions on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, Furlough Leave and Related Employment Matters please see our FAQs on our Business Advice page.
  • For questions on how the Job Retention Scheme and the Early Years Entitlement funding work together please see our FAQs page on these schemes.


The COVID-19 outbreak is an ever-evolving situation. This information will be updated regularly as things change.



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Coronavirus helpline

The Department for Education has a helpline for early years providers, schools and colleges – as well as parents, carers and young people – who have questions about coronavirus.

If you have specific questions about the virus, you can contact the helpline on:

Call: 0800 046 8687



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