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Coronavirus rules for families over the holiday


A reminder for early years providers ahead of the festive breakRead more

Celebrating the festive season during COVID-19


Ideas for celebrating Christmas in your early years setting during the coronavirus lockdown periodRead more

Preparing for a Covid-19 local lockdown


Local lockdowns in Leicester, Greater Manchester and Lancashire remind us the virus is still a clear and present danger and that the government will impose local restrictions quickly where the evidence shows it to be necessary. Includes references to updated government guidance on 28 August.Read more

How best to organise settling-in sessions during the Covid-19 outbreak?


Most providers will agree there is usually a two- to four-week settling-in period. But how do we do this during the ongoing pandemic, when we need to socially distance and keep everyone safe? Richard Knight has these tips...Read more

Conducting visits to settings during the Coronavirus outbreak


How can settings welcome and connect with prospective parents in these times of social distancing and strict guidance? Richard Knight has some tips.Read more

Managing menus in uncertain times - advice for nurseries and childminders


Information for early years settings - pre-schools, nurseries and childminders - struggling to access food during the coronavirus crisisRead more

How to talk to children about coronavirus


How to respond to children's questions about coronavirusRead more

Equality in the early years


How Gender Action is challenging gender sterotypes in early years settingsRead more

Coronavirus – what you need to know


*This page was last updated on 22 July 2021*

Get coronavirus guidance and information for nurseries and the early years — includes links to government public health website and resources.Read more

The EIF: Conveying intent, implementation and impact in your curriculum


The Education Inspection Framework (Ofsted 2019) places greater emphasis on your approach to curriculum with Ofsted stating that ‘curriculum’ is what is taught and ‘teaching’ is how curriculum content is taught.Read more


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