A Better Start

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What is A Better Start Southend all about?

A Better Start Southend is a ten-year programme aiming to make Southend the best place in the country to be a child – and a parent. We want to bring parents, carers and professionals together to develop services for young children and their families, because we believe we will only be successful if we work with the people who understand Southend’s children best.

We believe:

  • Prevention is better than cure: offering support at an early age is better for children and their families than having to put things right if they go wrong.
  • Test and learn – then apply the lessons: we’ll do things on a small scale at first so that we can learn from them, sharing good experiences – and bad – as a way of improving the system as a whole. And when we know that something works – that’ll be the time to make it part of the way Southend does business.
  • Co-design and co-production is the key: we want to see services designed in partnership with the people who use them, not just delivered to them.

The programme

Southend’s programme combines over £40m of Big Lottery Funding with £53m from the Southend–on-Sea Borough Council’s Early Years budget and other sources.

It is being delivered in partnership with the Council and the Early Years Alliance.

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