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We are passionate about delivering online training and networking opportunities that are affordable, flexible and fun through our popular Virtual Classrooms, Spotlights and Connect sessions.

Alliance Virtual Classrooms are online training sessions for early years professionals, with prices starting at just £23 per person for members and £33 for non-members for a two-hour session.

If you and your team can't make the scheduled sessions, we can deliver all our Virtual Classrooms sessions exclusively to your whole staff team at a date and time of your choosing.

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Below is the full list of Virtual Classroom In House sessions that can be delivered directly to your team when you choose:

1. Business success in the early years

2. Cultural Capital

3. Defining the early years curriculum

4. Developing emotional intelligence through outdoor play

5. Discovering and developing loose parts play

6. Domestic abuse and violence awareness

7. Exploring the Education Inspection Framework

8. Inspirational leadership and management

9. Let’s talk about change

10. Let’s talk the learning walk

11. Promoting communication and language

12. Promoting positive behaviour

13. Provision without walls

14. Support staff’s wellbeing

15. Voice of the child

16. Looking towards your Ofsted inspection

17. Safeguarding – Designated person

18. Understanding the needs of 2 year olds.

19. Meeting the needs of 2 year olds

20. A day in the life of a 2 year old

21. Quality teaching and learning in the early years

22. Supporting children for whom English is an additional language

23. Observation, assessment and planning


Business success in the early years 

Business Success, what does this mean to you? 

Do you want to explore how leadership, the quality of the setting, effective marketing strategy and sound financial management systems are all essential pieces of a sustainability jigsaw.

Suitable for:

  • Managers 
  • Voluntary management committee members / trustees 
  • Owners 

By attending this virtual Classroom you will

  • Explore how effective leadership can affect sustainability. 
  • review high quality provision and how this links to sustainability  
  • understand the value of a clear marketing and communication strategy
  • explore good business practises for childcare providers 
  • review how financial data can inform decision making   
  • understand the responsibilities of an employer to their staff 


Cultural Capital 

What is Cultural Capital, and why do you need to know about it?   

Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework requires you to develop children’s Cultural Capital – but what does this mean?  

Suitable for:  

Managers, room leaders, early years practitioners and childminders 

You will, 

  • Learn what ‘Cultural Capital’ is and what it looks like in an Early Years setting. 
  • Develop ways to use your practice to recognise and enhance children’s Cultural Capital  
  • Discuss how parent partnership is vital when extending Cultural Capital  
  • Look at where Cultural Capital already sits in good quality Early Years provision and in the EYFS curriculum 


Defining the early years curriculum 

What to gain a more detailed understanding of the Early Years curriculum? New to working in Childcare?

Suitable for:

  • All practitioner working in Early Years

This online course is designed:

  • To define and discuss the term curriculum
  • To explore the intent, implementation and impact of the early years' curriculum 
  • To recognise how the curriculum is planned and sequenced
  • To consider how and why we should monitor the effectiveness of the curriculum. 
  • To discuss ‘in the moment planning’ and how it supports the unique child 


Developing emotional intelligence through  outdoor play 

Do you understand emotional resilience? Do you want to enable children to risk take in a safe and secure way? 

Suitable for: 

  • Early years practitioners 

The aim of this course is to assist all practitioners working with children to understand children's social and emotional development and build skills such as emotional resilience and conflict resolution in a nurturing environment. 

You will, 

  • Develop the skills to support children to build resilience and risk-taking opportunities 
  • Learn how to create opportunities to team build and support each other.​ 
  • Discover how to support and improve behaviour through teamwork​ 
  • Consider how to observe play effectively to assess, record and plan for different stages of development   


Discovering and developing loose parts play 

Do you want to support children’s curiosity and spark wonder and joy? Interested to learn about the best way to use the loose parts you have in your setting? 

 This workshop aims to help early years settings understand and support children’s curiosity and creativity in early years setting​.  

Suitable for: 

  • early years practitioners working with young children 

You will, 

  • Explore the theory behind loose parts​ 
  • Understand the possibilities of children’s play​ 
  • Consider how to value and extend children’s ideas, imagination, language and thinking​ 
  • To explore the use of materials and media to develop creative play 


Domestic abuse and violence awareness 

Do you want to gain a greater understanding of how to identify and support those who may be at risk of, and those who may witness domestic violence.

Suitable for:

All early years practitioners

After attending this course, you will:

  • Understand the scope and meaning of the terms ‘Domestic Abuse and Violence’ 
  • Be aware of the prevalence of domestic abuse  
  • Understand the legislative framework for Domestic Abuse 
  • Understand the impact it has on both adults and children 
  • Recognise signs and indicators of Domestic Abuse 
  • Develop awareness of support available and how to access it 
  • Be able to respond more effectively to concerns relating to Domestic Abuse 


Exploring the education inspection 

 Are you worried about when Ofsted are due? Do you want to know how Ofsted will inspect registered early years settings? 

Suitable for: 

  • Managers 
  • Voluntary management committee members / trustees 
  • Owners 

Inspectors will be looking at what the EYFS curriculum is like and how it is taught in your setting, they will be spending more time in the room “having those professional conversations with leaders and practitioners" and looking for an increased emphasis on vocabulary and books 

This online workshop will:

  • Explore Ofsted's Education Inspection Framework 
  • Examine the key changes 


Inspirational leadership and management 

Want to inspire your staff to be outstanding? Is motivating colleagues important to you? 

Suitable for: 

  • Leaders 
  • Managers 
  • Room leaders 

To find out more join us on this online workshop where we will: 

  • Discuss inspirational leadership of your early years team 
  • Consider the difference between managers and leaders, taking a closer look at the characteristics of an effective leader 
  •  Discuss and be aware of the Leadership and Management requirements in the latest Education Inspection Framework (EIF) to support you in leading and inspiring an outstanding early years’ setting 


Let’s talk about change

Concerned about returning to or starting at the setting? Looking to re-settle children and staff in a safe and secure way? 

Then this is the training for you. 

Suitable for: 

  1. All practitioners working with children and families; 

This online course will: 

  • Discuss the importance of restabilising starting points 
  • Explore how best to support the emotions of children and parents  
  • Take a closer look at how you can make the most of the home learning experience  
  • Reaffirm the key person approach to settling children  


Let’s talk the learning walk

Who is ready for the conversation with Ofsted? Want to find out more about ways you can showcase your provision?  

Suitable for:  

  • Managers  
  • Early Years Practitioners  
  • Childminders  
  • Apprentices and trainees  

Join us for the interactive online workshop where we will:  

  • Explore the focus of the Education Inspection Framework  
  • Define the learning walk, and talk through what needs to be included 
  • Look at ways to be ready for professional discussions as a team   
  • Break down how we can support colleagues to be able to talk with confidence about the children and provision they know well 


Promoting communication and language in the early years 

Do you want to learn how to support all children in your setting to develop their speech and language skills? This workshop will support your setting to promote good communication and language development in young children. ​ 

Suitable for: 

  • Early years practitioners 

You will, 

  • Discuss the importance of language ​ 
  • Identifying influences on children’s language​ 
  • Consider expected patterns of development​ 
  • Explore supportive approaches to promote language development 


Promoting positive behaviour 

Are you confident you do all you can to support children’s positive behaviour? Need more information on supporting children who display more challenging behaviour? 

Suitable for 

All practitioners working with young children

This online workshop is designed to enable you to:

  • Define behaviour  
  • Identify influences on children’s behaviour​ 
  • Reflect on adult’s own behaviour​ 
  • Explore supportive approaches to addressing behaviour​ 
  • Examine practical solutions to challenging behaviour  
  • Understand the term Trauma Informed Behaviour


Provision without walls

Struggling to ensure your outside areas are meeting the needs of all children? Want to find out how you can provide the best outdoor experience for your children

Suitable for: all practitioners, including home based child-carers

By accessing this course, you will learn:

  • Reasons why outdoor provision is important for learning and development 
  • How to overcome challenges in using the outdoors as a learning environment  
  • How to enhance outdoor provision covering prime and specific areas of L&D 
  • How to enrich learning and development considering the Characteristics of Effective Learning  


Quality teaching and learning in the early years 

Do you take time to self-reflect? Are you confident your teaching meets all Ofsted requirements?  

Suitable for: 

  •  Early years practitioners 

 By accessing this course, you will, 

  • Discuss your role in supporting children’s learning 
  • Consider what exactly are Ofsted looking for?​ 
  • Look at how effectively you are evaluating the quality of your practice​? 
  • Explore what does best practice look like?  


Supporting staff’s wellbeing

Do you want to be able to effectively support your staffs wellbeing?

Suitable for 

  • Leaders, Managers, owners, committee members and all staff with an interest in supporting colleague’s wellbeing.

By accessing this course, you will:

  • Understand what is meant by mental health and wellbeing
  • Understand the factors that impact negatively on staff’s mental health and wellbeing 
  • Understand the requirements of the Education Inspection Framework to promote wellbeing and nurture staff
  • Develop and implement effective actions and approaches to support staff both individually and as part of a wider team
  • Understand how to identify problems staff may be experiencing
  • Understand how to create a Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy


Looking towards your Ofsted inspection

This thought-provoking course will consider the implications for early years providers as they prepare for the resumption of Ofsted’s routine inspection schedule in the coming months. 

Suitable for: Managers, Leaders, Committee members and Childminders.

By attending this course you will:

  • Hear the latest news from Ofsted
  • Explore the early years inspection handbook 
  • Reflect on your setting’s likely grade


Safeguarding – Designated person  

As the designated person you need to be confident to deal with potential safeguarding incidences as they arise. 

Aimed at those with the designated role this workshop will enable practitioners to: 

  • Recognise the role and responsibilities of the designated person 
  • Understand the legislative framework and relevant guidance 
  • Consider policies related to safeguarding and ensure procedures are followed 
  • Apply procedures for recruiting, inducting and managing staff and volunteers 
  • Identify inappropriate behaviour and procedures to prevent and manage allegations against staff 
  • Create a curriculum to support children’s resilience 
  • Understand how to support staff involved in safeguarding concerns 


Voice of the child

How child-centred is your setting? Are you interested to learn how to ensure that the child’s voice is heard and responded to within your practice. 

Suitable for: all practitioners working with young children 

By attending this course you will:

  • Understand what the Voice of the Child is. 
  • Understand why listening to children is important 
  • Overcome any barriers to ‘hearing’ the Voice of the Child 
  • Identify successful strategies and approaches which involve children’s participation 
  • Initiate an action plan to develop and maintain the child’s voice in their setting 


Understanding 2 year olds

Are you new to working with 2 year olds? Want to learn more about how they learn and develop?

Suitable for: any practitioner new to working with 2 year olds

By accessing this course, you will:

  • Understand how 2 year’ olds develop and what you should do to meet their needs
  • Understand how you support children to participate fully in their own learning choices​
  • Understand how the use of observations can be an effective tool to inform planning and support planning procedures and record keeping. ​
  • To be confident in the content of the 2 year old progress check


Meeting the needs of 2 year olds

Want to ensure your environment and practice meets the needs of 2 year olds? 

Suitable for: all practitioners working with 2 year olds

By accessing this course, you will:

  • Understand how the environment promotes the best learning opportunities for your 2 year olds
  • To be confident in the key person role and understand the Prime Times which support young children; including: snack & meal times, sleep and rest, nappy changes and outdoor play opportunities. 
  • Be confident in supporting parents to continue the 2 year olds learning journey at home
  • Develop beneficial ways of promoting positive behaviour.


A day in life of a 2 year old

Do you want to understand why routines are so important for 2 year olds?

Suitable for:  any practitioners working with 2 year olds.

By accessing this course, you will:

  • Develop a greater understanding of a 2 year olds daily routine
  • Understand the attachment needs of a child and how to build positive relationships with children and their families 
  • To have a clear understanding of settling in procedures for 2 year olds 
  • Be confident to support 2 year olds’ self care 


Supporting children for whom English is an Additional Language

Do you want to feel confident in supporting children who have English as an additional language?

Suitable for: any early years practitioners

By attending this course, you will:

  • Review the research around how children can be bilingual and multilingual
  • Identify how settings can help children to learn effectively in a monolingual environment


Observation assessment and planning

Do you want to ensure you are using your observation skills to provide high quality learning activities for your children?

Suitable for: any practitioners working with children

By attending this course, you will:

  • Understand the importance of observation and learn what is an effective observation
  • Discuss observation techniques
  • Understand the key persons role in observing children and planning for them
  • Be confident in planning next steps
  • Reflect on your own settings observation, assessment and planning

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