Alliance welcomes plans to amend school admissions code for summer-borns

9th September 2015

Commenting on plans to give summer-born children the right to start in reception at five, Neil Leitch, chief executive of the Pre-school Learning Alliance, said:

“We warmly welcome the fact that the government has recognised that that no child should be forced to start school before they are ready, and that it is for parents, not admissions authorities, to decide when this is.

“Although the government has previously taken steps to clarify that there are no barriers to prevent summer-born children starting school out of their normal age group, the problem of parents being unfairly pressured into either placing their child into reception at age four, or putting them straight into year one at age five, has continued.

“It is vital, therefore, that the government now takes definitive action on this issue and ensures that there is no longer any room for misinterpretation on the rules around summer-born admissions. We look forward to contributing to this discussion and responding to the consultation once launched.”

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