Alliance responds to Education Committee report on SEND

Responding to the report, Nicola Gibson, the Early Years Alliance’s inclusion manager, said:

“The committee is right to highlight the many challenges that the families of children with special educational needs and disabilities face: excessive bureaucracy, a complex and confusing system, and an ongoing lack of adequate resources. It’s very disappointing, therefore, that the report makes so little reference to the early years, given that these problems are so acutely felt in this part of the education sector. 
 “Too many children with SEND are missing out on the high-quality early years provision available to their peers, and this is simply not acceptable. Parents of children with SEND need better cross-agency working, more funding directed at early intervention and better, earlier support - recommendations that we would have hoped would appear in the report’s conclusion.
"What's more, in praising the government’s positive steps on funding without acknowledging the huge issues in the early years sector, the committee has failed to recognise the significant detrimental impact that a lack of adequate funding is having on children with SEND in their formative years. 
"The early years is a crucial element of a child's educational journey, and yet we continue to see reports on education that focus solely on primary, secondary and post-16 education. We hope in any ongoing work on SEND, the committee will take steps to address this omission."


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