Alliance responds to DfE Wave 3 Survey of Childcare and Early Years Providers and Coronavirus

Commenting, Neil Leitch, Early Years Alliance chief executive said: 

“This survey is just the latest in a long list of documents that catalogue the completely unsustainable pressures currently facing the early years sector. It is incredibly frustrating to see yet more evidence of the significant financial impact the pandemic is having on the sector, at a time when the government remains unwilling to provide anywhere near the support that providers need to remain viable in the long term.

“Even as schools and workplaces return, ongoing concerns about the risks of Covid-19, alongside the extension of the furlough scheme, will continue to impact on the demand for early years places. Combined with an increase in unemployment which is likely to follow the end of the furlough scheme, it's clear that the challenges facing early years providers are set to continue for some time - and that without urgent government support, we are likely to see the closure of more and more settings.

“I would encourage the government to now review the ample evidence available and commit to giving providers the financial support that they so urgently need, so that future surveys might show this crucial sector thriving, not just surviving.”