Alliance publishes new book on Education Inspection Framework

The Early Years Alliance has published a book on the new Education Inspection Framework. 
Designed to support providers in achieving a successful Ofsted Grade, Exploring the Education Inspection Framework, provides an overview of the inspection framework and the inspection handbook. It also gives practical advice on how providers can demonstrate quality educational judgements by conveying intent, implementation and impact, and demonstrate cultural capital.
The publication of the book follows the announcement earlier this year of a new Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework (EIF). The EIF was cautiously welcomed by the Alliance at the time, saying the focus on outcomes and the importance of the EYFS would ensure inspections were relevant and would reward high quality in the early years.
The book is split into four key chapters. It begins by looking at the evolution of the inspection framework, tracing how the EYFS the inspection of early years settings and illustrating how recent changes will have a practical impact on how early years settings are run today. 
The second chapter looks at the early years inspection handbook in detail. It argues that the handbook has become as integral to the day-to-day running of any successful setting, suggesting that it should inform practice as much as the Statutory Framework for EYFS does. It sets out how to use the handbook, before, during and after the inspection. 
The third chapter provides practical insight into inspectors’ quality of education judgements. The chapter provides practical understanding of how providers can demonstrate the intent, implementation and impact of their work and demystifies the new concepts, like cultural capital, that underpin the new Framework.
The fourth and final chapter looks at the supporting documentation Ofsted inspectors would like to see. The focus here is on how practitioners can and should demonstrate their compliance with health and safety legislation, Prevent, and key safeguarding literature. Exploring the Education Inspection Framework is available for Alliance members: £6.79 and to non-members for £9.70. It can be found in the Alliance shop here:
Michael Freeston, the Early Years Alliance’s director of quality improvement and author of the book, said: 
“Any practitioner in a setting seeking a Good or Outstanding must be familiar with the criteria that Ofsted will use to make their judgement, just as anyone involved in setting management must be clear about how Ofsted will inspect them.
“Providers should see inspections under EIF as an opportunity to demonstrate the impact of the high-quality provision they offer to all the children in their care - but it’s easy to understand they may be daunting. By providing practical, easy-to-understand points about the nature of Ofsted inspections and what to expect, Exploring the Education Inspection Framework should give readers all they need to get the Ofsted outcome they’re looking for.”
Exploring the Education Inspection Framework is available for Alliance members: £6.79 and to non-members for £9.70
Order online : 330 0996,

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