Alliance comments on tax-free childcare roll-out delay

1st July 2015

Commenting on the news that the roll-out of the tax-free childcare scheme will be delayed until 2017, Neil Leitch, chief executive of the Pre-school Learning Alliance, said:

“This news will come as a major blow to government, and many parents will be understandably disappointed by such a significant delay to the roll-out of the scheme. That said, we remain unconvinced that demand-side subsidies are an effective way of tackling rising childcare costs in the long-term. Evidence has shown that it is supply-side funding that is vital not only for lowering costs for parents, but also for supporting providers to deliver high-quality early years provision - a vital aspect of childcare policy that has been largely overlooked in the face of the government’s ‘back-to-work’ agenda.

“As such, we hope that the government will use the additional time prior to the roll-out of tax-free childcare to focus on addressing the root cause of cost rises: insufficient funding. Doing so will help ensure that, despite the delay in the roll-out of the scheme, steps are still being taken to support parents by ensuring a sustainable supply of childcare provision that is both high-quality and affordable.”

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Notes for editors

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  2. Through direct provision and its membership of 14,000 nurseries, sessional pre-schools and parent and toddler groups, the Alliance supports over 800,000 children and their families in England. The Alliance also develops and runs family learning programmes, offers information and advice, runs acclaimed training and accreditation programmes and campaigns to influence early years policy and practice.
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