Alliance comments on £500m investment for children and families ahead of spending review

The Early Years Alliance has commented on news that the Chancellor is set to announce a £500 million package of family support at next week’s Budget and Spending Review.

The support is likely to include £80 million for Family Hubs, £100 million to support the mental health of new and expectant parents and £120 million of investment for other family support programmes.

Commenting on the reports, Neil Leitch, CEO of the Early Years Alliance, said:

“The Chancellor is absolutely right to say that families with young children need of more support, but to invest in these new initiatives while leaving the existing early years infrastructure to crumble is, frankly, negligent.

"Current funding for the government’s flagship 15-hour and 30-hour entitlement policies is totally inadequate, causing prices to rise for parents while many providers close their doors. If that remains the case after next week’s Spending Review, parents will rightly question whether this government is truly committed to supporting families with young children.

"Early childhood is critical in shaping children’s life chances, but that critical period does not end after 1,001 days. That’s why we have called on government to conduct a wholesale review of early years funding and support, to ensure every child gets the best possible start in life, including access to the quality early education and care that can make such a difference to families."